Step Deck Trucking

Step Deck TruckingSimilar to a flatbed, step decks are primarily used for commodities that exceed legal height dimensions. These trailers are also referred to as a single drop, drop deck or open deck trailers. They are used to haul many of the same types of freight as a flatbed trailer. At Teleport Logistic Services Inc. specialize in hauling step deck loads throughout North America.

What Type of Loads Need A Step Deck Trailer?

Step decks are useful when cargo is not of an excessive size or dimension but exceeds the maximum height allowed by a standard flatbed trailer. We utilize a variety of step deck tractor and equipment models that don’t exceed standard weight. Some loads handled by step decks are:

  • Heavy Construction Piping
  • Stacked Flooring and Lumber
  • Scaffolding Setups
  • Equipment Towing
  • Truckload & LTL Shipments
  • Large Metal Containers
  • Subway Rail Cars

Benefits of Step Deck Trucking

The advantage of step deck trucking is that this trailer can haul a higher load without having to buy a permit for the load. We have a diverse fleet of a step deck and open deck trailers to transport any type of shipment – long, over-sized, or wide load.

When customers experience situations where loading time and yard traffic is a big issue, we can drop empty trailers at your facility to help you resolve the problem.

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